Your investment deserves protection. Simple steps today can protect your facility far into the future. JACOR provides services such as concrete and masonry repairs, protective flooring systems, and wall coatings. Our techniques not only repair, but can help extend the life of your facility.

New Construction

JACOR's services expand a wide array of construction projects, new and existing. From your basic joint sealant installation to traffic bearing membrane systems, we strive to make sure your construction project is built to last.

Specialized Services

JACOR's emphasis on training and modern techniques puts us in the forefront of specialty contracting. We are one of the few firms nationwide who can install tank linings, including primary tank linings and containment lining systems.



For any inquiries or questions, please call 816-483-7330 or fill out the following form.

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For information or to request a quote, please contact one of our Estimators/Project Managers.

Kyle Brown

Cory Bringus

KC Moorman

The Jacor Guarantee

Whether protecting a new facility or preserving an old structure, JACOR Contracting provides expert solutions for your maintenance, waterproofing, preservation and restoration projects. We take pride in our service record and personally guarantee our work.

New Ideas

Through in-depth exposure to multiple methods and products, our team can create personalized solutions for your protection and repair projects.

Lasting Relationships

Since our founding in 1993, JACOR has worked to develop lasting relationships with our clients through superior service, unparalleled expertise and careful planning. All of our craftsmen undergo an extensive certification process to provide the education and experience needed to master repair and strength strategies, as well as installation methods.

Proven Experience

Through an extensive certification process, JACOR Contracting provides in-depth experience in repair and strength strategies, product information and installation methods. This results in successful projects every time.

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